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Montenegro Travel – Customer Service

FALCONE TRAVEL employees are always friendly and willing to help in any way.

You can contact us for any question, information on accommodation, provides plenty of useful information on traveling to and staying in Montenegro.

Montenegro Travel – Customer Service is at your disposal 7 days a week.

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How To Book Accommodation ?

Searching our offer on web-site, you can for every offered service click on button Booking” or “Book Now”, then with necessary personal details fill the specified application details.

Afterwards we will check if it is possible to reserve requested service and confirm to you all inclusive price and the deposit amount. If the price and reservation terms suits you we’ll send you with e-mail or fax the money order for paying the deposit or entire arrangement.

After your confirmation to reserve the accommodation, the deposit have to be paid within 72 hours ( three days) before arrival.

Then you will receive voucher that consists arrangement details (info about host, guest, arrival and departure date as well as the other services the guest has paid).

* for arrangements less then 4 days price is higher 30% from the basic price (it doesn’t include residence tax)

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Residence Tax

Residence tax is paid additionaly upon arrival and the amount depends on the accommodation place. This tax usually costs maximum 1,00 daily per person and also depends on the age of the guests and time of accommodation. Children up to 18 years have discount 50%, while children under 12 years don’t pay tax. The exact cost of tax depends on the destination and the time of accommodation.

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Travel Insurance

Falcone Travel prices dont include travel insurance of travel risk. For any travel you can ask for insurance and can be arranged through our agency.

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Agencys Right to Changes and Cancellation

Falcone Travel agency can change or even cancel the reserved accommodation if before or during vacation unexpected circumstances occur that can not be avoided. Agency then with the help of the owner should offer the guest alternative accommodation while the change can be done only by the guest’s approval. Offered alternative accommodation should be the same or higher category from the reserved accommodation category. The difference in price between the reserved accommodation and alternative accommodation will be covered by the agency. If it is not possible to find the alternative accommodation the agency has to return the whole paid reservation amount.

Guests Right to Changes and Cancellation

If the guest wants to cancel the accommodation that he has reserved, he has to do it with e-mail, fax or ordinary mail. Upon receiving the notification the agency puts regulations for the calculation of cancellation charges:
• for a cancellation up to 29 days before starting the accommodation service the agency on behalf of the owner charges 30% of the total price of arrangement.
• for a cancellation from 28 to 15 days before starting the accommodation service the agency on behalf of the owner charges 60% of the total price of arrangement.
• for a cancellation from 14 to 8 days before starting the accommodation service the agency on behalf of the owner charges 80% of the total price of arrangement.
• for a cancellation from 7 to 0 days before starting the accommodation service the agency on behalf of the owner charges 100% of the total price of arrangement.
If the guest doesn’t appear at the destination or cancels the accommodation arrangement on its beginning, the agency charges the entire amount. There is always a possibility that guest finds an alternative user for the same reservation. When the exact amount is determined, the agency makes the refund payment to the guest’s gyro account number or foreign account at the agency’s expense.

Agencys and Owners Obligations

Falcone Travel agency’s obligation is to take care of carrying out the services having on mind the choice of owner’s services and care about the rights and interests of the guest according to good habits in tourism. The owner is obliged to insure that the guest gets all reserved and payed services. Therefore he is responsible to the guest for non-fulfillment of the services or part of the services the guest paid for.

Guests Obligations

Guest has an obligation to:
• own a valid passport
• respect customs and foreign regulations of the Republic of Montenegro
• follow the home rules of the reserved accommodation unit and cooperate with the owner and agency in good intention
• pay the costs for any caused damage in the unit
• show the host the voucher with the correct number of persons and type of services that should be provided upon arrival Guest takes the responsibility for all possible costs in case of not respecting mentioned obligations.


Falcone Travel agency is not responsible for the damaged, stolen or lost luggage in the accommodation unit.

Resolving Complaints

Guest has right to ask for adequate compensation for not received paid services. On request the guest must enclose a written objection.

Complaints procedure:
• the guest must inform the owner and agency upon arrival if he is not satisfied with the accommodation unit condition. The guest has to cooperate with the agency and the owner in order to resolve problems. If the complaint is justified and the owner’s service is not satisfying, the agency will try everything that the guest receives except able solution equal to paid service to the owner. The agency and the owner must not provide the guest with the alternative accommodation of lower category.
• if the guest leaves on his own the accommodation unit and finds another accommodation and in that way doesn’t offer a chance to agency to resolve the problem he has no right to ask the refund or compensation for damage.
• the guest has to not later than 8 days upon return from trip send a written complaint (with the report signed by the owner and eventual caused expenses) to the agency. The agency has to solve the complaint within 14 days of the complaint receipt. The guest renounce of any mediation of other person, court institution or giving information to media until the agency resolves the issue. This excludes the guest’s right to non-material damages. The agency will take into consideration only properly filled complaints received within 14 days.


If the guest is not satisfied with the solution that had made the agency he has a right to take the issue to court jurisdiction in Podgorica.