Why Montenegro among all other touristic offers?

Montenegro today is of the most interesting places in the world. It is exceptional in so many great ways. This country is where one of the most glacial places exist, which is Kotor Bay, the cleanest river you can find in Europe called the Tara, the largest lake in the Balkans called Skadar Lake, and the longest river that is underground on the globe.

When you wake up you can view the beautiful Adriatic beach, then you can eat lunch near the coast of Skadar Lake, then tackle the Alps with your skis. You would think with all of these diverse opportunities that we are talking about a big country. However, this beautiful land is easy to travel to the length of.

Montenegro is only about 14 square KM and only has around 670,000 people living there. Even though it is a tiny country, Montenegro enjoys many neighbors around it such as Bosnia, Serbia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania. It is located on the Balkan Peninsula close to the heart of Europe, nearly 500 KM from Rome, and 1.5 KM from Berlin and Paris, and is close to 2 KM west of Moscow.

Even though Montenegro is a tiny country, its has a great treasure which is its cultural diversity and is sure to get your attention. Christian, Illyrian, Muslim, Turkish, Byzantine, and Slav are all civilizations that have traveled here and makes Montenegro a known fork in the road of history and culture. Montenegro is considered a multicultural and multiethnic country.

Come to Montenegro and enjoy the wild sights of the land that many poets write about!